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Why Choose a Diesel Truck?

While looking for the right truck,  the age old question is regularly pondered by many men.  Which should I choose?  A truck with a Gas or Diesel engine . If you are looking for power, “Tim the Tool Man Taylor” maybe said it better than anyone else. “Need More Power”  If you are looking for a truck to carry or pull large loads, a diesel engine is more suited for the task.  Gas Engine trucks are better for the guy who does not carry heavy loads, uses his truck more like a car and plans to trade it in at 100,000 miles.  Diesels are built for longevity.

Fuel Economy
Advantage: Diesel

Diesel fuel has a higher energy density than gasoline. One gallon of diesel contains approximately 147,000 BTUs of energy, while a gallon of gasoline only has 125,000 BTUs. This means it takes more gasoline to equal the power output of diesel, making diesel engines more efficient per gallon of fuel burned. Also, because diesel engines use the more efficient direct fuel-injection method (fuel injected directly into cylinder) compared to the port fuel-injection setup in gas engines where gas is mixed with incoming air in the intake manifold, the diesel system has little wasted or unburned fuel. Diesels also use about one third as much fuel at idle as gasoline units. Even though there are no official EPA-mileage figures for 3⁄4-ton and bigger trucks, we’ve seen diesels get six to eight more mpg than similar-weight gas pickups. Over the life of the truck, this advantage could be significant, especially if you drive a lot of miles.


Long-Term Maintenance and Durability
Advantage: Diesel

The flip side of a diesel-engine’s expensive initial cost is its excellent durability. Dodge, Ford, and GM learned long ago they were better off buying diesel technology from experts such as Cummins, International, and Isuzu than spending tons of money developing it themselves. These manufacturers all have years of experience building heavy-duty, over-the-road diesels that have to log 100,000 miles a year for years on end, routinely haul heavy loads and may have to idle for days at a time. Think of the diesel engines found in GM, Ford, and Dodge pickups and SUVs as mini big-rig engines. The average gas engine is good for only around 125,000 miles before needing a rebuild and isn’t designed to constantly pull a heavy load. A diesel can go more than three times this amount before needing an overhaul.


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